The whole-home evaporative humidifier

Condair HumiLife whole-home evaporative humidifiers are a bypass-style humidifier which introduces humidification by passing some warm furnace air across a unique ceramic evaporation pad. Install this directly to your furnace to supply your entire home with healthy and comfortable humidified air. Simple installation and automatic operation makes the whole-home evaporative humidifier for forced air systems a seamless solution for improving your home’s indoor climate.

This humidifier is equipped with an industry-unique ceramic media pad that does not need to be replaced regularly. Instead, the ceramic media can be easily removed by the homeowner and washed in a standard dishwasher cycle, then replaced back into the humidifier. No tools required – anyone can do it.

This humidifier is also linked through Wi-Fi to the Condair HumiLife mobile app for remote control and monitoring.

The Condair HumiLife whole-home evaporative humidifier works with tap water and is ideal for single-family houses, apartments and offices.

Remote operation
at your fingertips

Efficient Operation

Simple and flexible


A Condair HumiLife Evaporative Humidifier is Wi-Fi connected allowing you to check it anywhere, anytime. Modify your level of relative humidity, monitor your humidifier’s performance, receive maintenance notifications or contact Customer Support easily from your smart phone.

Condair’s patented algorithm lowers water consumption and minimizes water waste. Operation is a breeze by enabling the automatic control capability, set it and enjoy your healthy humidity.

With a pre-wired 110 Volt wall-plug power supply, there’s no need to tie into the furnace controls. All you need is a water supply, drain and humidity sensor.

Simply wash the reusable ceramic media pad in your dishwasher, providing optimal humidifier performance, freshness and hygiene. Our app will alert you when it's time.

Condair is the brand professionals have been trusting
for over 70 years.

Every evaporative humidifier Condair HumiLife manufactures is easily serviceable, dependable and built to last: engineered in Switzerland, and backed by

Do you have questions about whole-home humidification? Condair's residential experts are here to help.

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