humidifying a printing roller in operation

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Improve print productivity with optimum humidity! In the extremely competitive print market, humidity control is essential to maintain productivity at all stages of production and avoid machine downtime and waste.


Below 40%RH, the movement of paper on paper and other surfaces generates electrostatic charges, which cause it to stick together, attract dust and become difficult to handle.

Sheet Fed Offset

Unwrapped paper in a dry press hall will lose moisture from any exposed surface. Tight edges result, making the paper curl, causing misfeed, misregister, dot doubling and creasing as the paper passes between blanket and impression cylinders. Misfeed also occurs due to electrostatic build-up, making stacking difficult. Printed work awaiting another pass continues to change shape, resulting in misregister.



Benefits of working with Condair on your print humidification project:

  • 來自世界各地的所有印刷過程中的廣泛專業知識。
  • Comprehensive product range to precisely meet a printer's requirements.
  • 全方位服務專家谘詢,設計,供應,安裝,調試,維護和備件。
  • 能夠提供創新,經過驗證的解決方案。
  • 低能量係統,以降低運營成本並改善濕度控製。
  • Low maintenance solutions that minimize on-going service requirements.
  • 提高生產率,減少浪費,提高產品質量導致更高的利潤。


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