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Why Humidify... For Paint Spray Booths

The correct humidity level in a cleanroom manufacturing environment is vital to maintain production yields and minimize waste.

The widespread use of low solvent, water-borne base coats and paints means that humidity control is essential in spray booths. Relative humidity (RH) levels as high as 65-75% are often used for water-based paints, delivering consistent spray quality by preventing aerosol evaporation and pigment agglomeration, consistent deposition rates and preventing premature drying.

RH幹燥過程是不可取的,高course, but when metal components leave the oven the local environment in sanding, repair and inspection areas can be hot and dry. This leads to worker discomfort and electrostatic build-up, drawing dust to the component. Using a humidifier as anevaporative cooler打擊這兩個問題同時,冷卻the air for a safer, more productive environment and raising the RH to discharge electrostatic. An inspection deck at 35°C / 15% RH can be cooled to 22°C / 65% RH economically and effectively using this principle.

Electrostatic painting and powder coating booths

Economic and environmental imperatives such as waste reduction, overspray control, particulate recovery and solvent reduction, mean that electrostatic paint and powder coating is now very widely used, particularly in large industrial applications in robotic, manual and conveyor booths. The process is dependent on maintaining a differential charge between the powder and earthed item, giving good coat uniformity directly and indirectly, minimal overspray and reduced waste.

如果RH太高,則靜電電荷的效果被破壞,塗層粘附受影響,並且相同的表麵需要更高的流速。在低相對濕度下,電暈的充電特性受到影響,因此粉末不會被正確充電,並且粉末和物品之間的轉移效率較低,導致膜厚度不足和法拉第籠效應。成本上升和浪費增加。Low RH還提供電弧的潛力。

Dipping and electroplating


Controlling the painting and coating environment

Commonly, control over air temperature and relative humidity will be provided by an air handling system,fitted with a humidifier,delivering conditioned air directly to one or more spray booths. This might be supplied by the booth manufacturer or designed separately and supplied by an air handling unit (AHU) manufacturer.

For individual spray booths within a premises, an associated AHU may be incorporated or a positive pressure containment room in which materials and equipment can also be kept is built around the booth, conditioned to provide the appropriate temperature, RH and air filtration.


Benefits of humidification in spray booths and surface coating include:

  • 降低靜態積聚和少量灰塵粘附到表麵
  • Reduction in spray evaporation between spray nozzle and surface
  • Prevention of premature and uneven drying
  • Evaporative cooling effect in sanding decks and inspection areas
  • Optimum environment for electrostatic painting and powder coating
  • 提高生產效率,降低砂光要求,較低的塗料成本和改進的表麵處理


  • - Calibre(航空航天),美國

    - Brigs and Straton (Manufacturing), USA

    - Rolls Royce, UK

    - Fokker AeroStructule,荷蘭

    - Alliance (Aerospace), USA

    - Harley Davidson (Automotive), USA

    - Airbus, France

    - Bae Systems, UK

    - Embraer (Aerospace), USA

    - CDI, USA


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